Chepecho and Her Clippity Flappity Floppity Friends

Chepecho is different from the other animals because she has hooves, wings, and a fishtail. She wants to play with the horses, the birds, and the sea lions, but the other animals are afraid of each other. They only see their differences. Can Chepecho help them see how similar they are?

Chepecho encourages acceptance of others through a heartwarming story about making friends and bringing everyone together despite their differences.  This story teaches children how to respond when someone is being bullied and helps parents start conversations with children about inclusiveness. Learn more about Chepecho. 

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Taramina's Bubble

Taramina lives in a bubble that protects her from the dangers of the world. When her bubble pops, she tries to put it back together but realizes all the things she has been missing while inside the bubble. She discovers the beauty of connecting with others through shared experiences.  Will Taramina put her bubble back together?
Taramina teaches children the value in helping and connecting with others and teaches parents that protecting children from everything sometimes means preventing children from developing the skills and connections they need to learn and grow.

Available in 2019

In development